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Just a Few Examples of Our Work


Bringing patients better postsurgical care.

This postsurgery app will give you a better way to take care of yourself when you leave the hospital. Using the Care Card module of CareKit, the app will let you easily keep track of your postsurgical needs — like monitoring pain levels, temperature, range of mobility, and medication — and help you stay more connected with your doctor. Care teams will be able to look at the data you enter and reach out if you need to see your doctor.

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Chronic conditions can be challenging to live with. This chronic disease management app will give you and your doctors a window into your daily symptoms, for better insight and more personalized ongoing care. Using the Insight Dashboard module of CareKit, the app will let you see your progress over time, quickly revealing which treatments are working. And you’ll be able to share the information with your care team.


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