THREAD's cloud-based study configurator automatically generates the following:

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iOS & Android Patient App

Research Site and Sponsor Portals


Automated IRB/EC Documentation


Technical Support Included


HIPAA & 21 CRF Part 11 Compliant

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Study Configurator Tool

Our platform includes a web configuration tool that enables project teams to build, customize, launch and manage their study from start to finish.


eDRO™ Library

(Electronic Device Reported Outcomes) 

eDROs use the sensors within the mobile phone itself to generate exploratory data around things like patient fitness, dexterity, cognitive skills and even memory. Leveraging Active Tasks from Apple's ResearchKit community and custom developed solutions in iOS/Android, we are able to develop and collect new types of remote patient data.


ePRO Library

(Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes) 

ePRO library allows our customers to simply add validated and digitally licensed ePROs in their studies within each iOS and Android patient-facing app.


Integrated Wearables, Medical Devices & Health Apps

Our platform includes pre-built integrations utilizing a simple user experience to connect hundreds of wearables, medical devices and health apps for use in research studies.

Survey Builder

When non-validated surveys are required, our platform's survey builder allows teams to develop complex and branched surveys, save templates for their future studies and/or provide their developed surveys to the broader platform community.

Mobile eConsent

Our eConsent solution is standard in every project and is a fraction of the cost of other market solutions that require independent, customized setup and implementation for each study.

Data Access

Benefit from continual access to study data. Extract key insights and observe study performance in real time. THREAD can also fully integrate into existing data systems.