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Start collecting remote patient data in weeks
at a fraction of the cost you're expecting.

You may be out of reasons not to.


There was a time when mHealth apps in research were unproven.
—Hundreds of studies later that's no longer an issue.
Then the problem was that no one really knew how to do remote patient research.
—Many companies just like us are now experienced and ready to help.
Then the barrier was about cost.
—Well THREAD has now made this work affordable.
Just ask.


The Crawl, Walk, Run
of Remote Patient Research


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Our Offerings

BYOD remote patient research took a giant leap when Apple brought ResearchKit to the world in 2015. Since then THREAD has been pioneering and have many 'firsts' in this space. —And yes, we do Android too.

Looking for a platform to conduct remote patient research in your clinical trials, observational studies and registries? Need something for your entire organization to leverage? We may have what you're looking for.

Monitoring and caring for patients before, during and after their visit with mobile just became the standard. Apple's CareKit has made it simple for clinicians to extend their care beyond the walls of the clinic.