Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jeff founded THREAD in 2005, focused on the design and development of web sites, touch displays and eventually apps. His exposure to health care clients sparked Jeff's desire to make a meaningful contribution to humanity. His attention later turned to connected health apps, new ways to conduct clinical research and the promise of remote patient research. You will now find Jeff doing whatever it takes to learn human biological truths faster. At the moment that means bringing clinical research to your pocket. Soon it will mean leveraging AI to drive the entire research loop.

Jeff is a family man and can often be found talking about his wife, six daughters and one son.


Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Sean has spent 14 years in technology and operations. He has focused the last 10 years in healthcare, with a passion for helping people.

Sean joined THREAD in October 2011 and has been instrumental in operationalizing and bringing each new THREAD technology to market.

In his free time, Sean enjoys spending time with his family, serving as a volunteer Scoutmaster and acting as Chairman of the Board for The Hailey Mayz Foundation - a charity he started in his daughter's honor that serves special needs children and their families at



Partner & Chief Product Officer

Executive intrapreneur turned digital health entrepreneur, John’s career includes over 14 years leading global drug development and healthcare innovation. Named one of the Top 100 Influencers in Digital Health, John provides expertise and execution experience in digital health strategy, remote patient research and care, virtual clinical trials, Phase I - IV clinical research, patient reported outcomes, patient engagement, mobile health, omni-channel experience and virtual reality.

John is a keynote speaker at global industry events, guest lecturer at Duke University on digital health/innovation and a published author featured in various conferences, journals, articles and media outlets.

As Chief Product Officer, Partner at THREAD, John leads THREAD’s digital health platform enabling remote patient research conducted by biopharmaceutical companies, CROs and academic researchers.