ePRO, the first step on the road to virtual trials.

What used to seem like science fiction is now a proven source of patient data. 


ePRO should be simple, inexpensive and available for patients.

ePRO development, integration and user experience is often a complex process. Why should it be so complex and costly? THREAD has done the hard work to make it simple to design, deploy and monitor ePRO within your studies in a clear, repeatable and reliable manner.



ePRO collected from your patients via their smartphone (BYOD) or one we provide (provisioned device)

Shouldn't your patients be able to report how they feel when they feel like doing so? That's why THREAD offers an omnichannel experience.

THREAD ePRO is not just any ePRO


Your THREAD study can include ePRO and other engagement features such as content, sensors, eConsent and eDROs

Reminder Notifications

The platform enables scheduling and setup of automated reminder notifications to prompt your patients to complete ePROs.

Real-Time Study Monitoring

Keep up-to-date with your study as frequently as you like.


Something about expertise

THREAd People are amazing.

Data Integration

THREAD is designed to allow trial managers to view ePRO data within the THREAD platform or their own system via secure data transfer.  

Delivering Strong Compliance

The THREAD ePRO app will interact with your patient on a regular basis providing more touch points a further protocol adherence.


Patient centricity is at the heart of any ePRO solution

We ask a lot of our patients when they join our study. ePRO is an opportunity to make things a bit easier by fitting into their lives rather than always asking them to do one more thing during a clinic visit.

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