Researchers at Johns Hopkins University were interested in seeing what they could learn about epilepsy seizures using Apple ResearchKit. Epilepsy seizures happen spontaneously, so it’s inherently difficult to track exactly what changes occur in the body before a seizure.

Johns Hopkins researchers tapped THREAD for the partnership, and the result is EpiWatch: a research app with companion Apple Watch app—the first ever Apple Watch app to utilize ResearchKit.

EpiWatch allows adults with epilepsy to track their symptoms, seizures, medication, and potential triggers, and share the data with Johns Hopkins researchers.


  • ResearchKit data collection including heart rate, accelerometer, and gyroscope data
  • A daily journal to track seizures, treatments and medication side effects
  • A dashboard that allows for summary data to be viewed with caregivers and physicians
  • Secure messaging that enables participants to send a message to a family member or caregiver when they are tracking a seizure
  • An interactive game to measure a seizure’s impact on responsiveness