ResearchKit & CareKit: Defining the Differences

ResearchKit & CareKit: Defining the Differences

Both ResearchKit and CareKit are open source software frameworks that utilize the iPhone to gather and send health-related data. So, what’s the difference between the two? 

Their Purposes.
ResearchKit is designed for medical and health research while CareKit is designed for extending care at various patient intersections. 

Their Benefits.
ResearchKit transforms the iPhone into a powerful tool for research and simplifies the process of finding volunteer participants. It gathers continuous contextualized data that allows researchers to gain a more clear picture. 

CareKit on the other hand creates a better understanding and management around medical conditions. It empowers patients to actively manage their medical condition and share information with their doctor. 

Their Core Modules.
When ResearchKit and CareKit are used right off the shelf, there are important core modules. For ResearchKit, these include: surveys, consent, and active tasks. You can read more about them here. Beyond these core modules, new ones are constantly being built and customized.

For CareKit, the core modules are:

  • Care Card: Remotely delivers and tracks a patient’s assigned care plan
  • Symptom and Assessment Tracker: Allows patients to record objective and subjective measurements related to their medical condition
  • Insights: Provides data visualization of care plan adherence, symptom severities, and assessment performance trends
  • Connect: Shares information and allows for communication with doctors and others

Whether your objectives are care or research-related, we at THREAD Research are pioneers in both spaces and would love to work with you to help you achieve your goals.