Understanding the THREAD Research Process

Understanding the THREAD Research Process

When you work with THREAD Research to build a connected health app, you don’t just get a vendor; you’ll form a strategic partnership with our team. Curious as to what that might include? Let us walk you through the TRP: THREAD Research process 

The Brainstorm
This is our first meeting together. We like to think of this as an interactive brainstorm, where we’ll put pen to paper and talk about the project. This session helps us understand the goals of the project, who the players are, and how we might go about building it. As our first step together, the interactive brainstorm gives us the foundational elements of the project. 

The Plan
We’ll take all the info gathered from the brainstorm along with any additional information about the project and put together a timeline of when we can accomplish this project. During the timeline creation, our team will also estimate time to do the tasks needed, and from there, we are able to create a statement of work for the project.  

The Specifics
As we begin the project, we’ll begin to identify business requirements and functional specifications. These two exercises help us all figure out how we want the app to work and also help to define what the end user will experience! 

The Prototype
Our process is all about letting you react to things as quickly as possible so we can continue refining and moving toward the same goal. We also believe it’s important to get a sense of user functionality early on to avoid major changes down the road. When you review, you’ll see your app designs through a workable prototype that allows your team to click around and get a sense for both design and functionality. 

The Tasks
Everything that needs to be done to bring the app to life — copy, design, programming, QA, and deployment — all have respective tasks that get assigned to team members to accomplish. We create these tasks and assign them to specific weeks in our overall timeline, and we share that with you so you can track our progress along the way! 

The Takeaway:

Why do we do things this way? Well, once upon a time, we tried an approach where we made a creative brief and then started working on the project. Inevitably, we learned new information along the way that we didn’t account for at the beginning, and the project got slowed down, became more expensive, and there were a lot more headaches for everyone. With this new process, we can get ahead of some of those headaches and account for more things upfront, so that both our team and yours knows what we are getting into before the project is underway.

We have found this process to be collaborative, informative, and successful, and if you choose to work with us, we think you’ll agree! 

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