The Crawl, Walk, Run of Virtual Research


Which remote research approach is best for your study?

Comparison Table

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A Remote Research approach (Crawl) may be your preference if your clinical endpoints require an in-clinic assessment and heavy study physician interaction at each visit. A Remote Research approach may also be ideal for protocols considered to have low risk to patient safety.

You may consider a Hybrid Virtual Research approach (Walk) if some of your study data can be collected via a combination of telehealth-based Virtual Visits and other remote data collection methods. We’ve found that most studies can benefit from a Hybrid Virtual Research approach. Some study models can replace several clinic visits with virtual visits with little impact to the study team. This allows the sponsor as well as the patient to realize the benefits of remote patient research while minimizing the needs for organizational change.

If your study protocol allows for your patients to be recruited digitally, assessed via telehealth and your study data can be collected entirely through Remote Research methods or through virtual visits then you may consider conducting a Fully Virtual Trial (Run).

Which remote patient research approach is your organization comfortable with?

The hybrid virtual approach: replacing some on-site clinic visits with Virtual Visits

What is a Virtual Visit? 6:41

How do I convert on-site visits to Virtual Visits? 2:17

What studies are best suited for Virtual Visits? 1:07

What technology features are required for a Virtual Visit? 1:31


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