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True Omni-Channel Experience

Maximized DCT Platform Functionality From the Only All-In-One Platform in the Industry

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THREAD delivers maximized decentralized clinical trial functionality from the only all-in-one, no-code platform in the industry. This decentralized study platform, supported by best-in-class consulting services, provides an end-to-end solution for the entire lifecycle of your study. THREAD’s platform is ready when you are; it doesn’t need to be customized for each study so you’re ready to design, launch, and conduct research quickly and easily.

With THREAD, your decentralized clinical studies are given the platform and support needed to manage remote, hybrid, and fully decentralized clinical trials with automated, tailored experiences for each study stakeholder. It ensures everything is ready to get your DCT trial live and produce necessary go-to-market data.

Comprehensive Features Fully Configurable to Fit Your Purpose





Engaged Trial Participants Stick With It

The THREAD participant app contains all the necessary tools to maintain participant engagement throughout the duration of your study. Everything from contributing data, answering surveys, and conducting virtual visits is built into the platform to help keep your participants happy with their experience.

  • The activities panel provides daily tasks
  • The dashboard shows progress reports and status updates
  • The learn section helps with ongoing training and education
  • The profile section covers eConsent permission, passcodes, documents, and personal preferences
  • Notifications and reminders are built-in for daily tasks like surveys and assessments
Engaged participants using THREAD

Remote Trial Access to All Clinical Trial Activities in Real Time

  • Principal investigators, study coordinators, and home health nurses log in through a web-enabled portal.
  • Site teams can access specific participant profiles, review electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs), and verify that data.
  • Using the data dashboard, approve data, open and close queries, and move forward to a PI sign-off.
  • Conduct effortless virtual visits using the participant-facing app and the site-facing web portal. This gives you the most interactive telehealth session from a DCT platform.
Decentralized clinical trials using THREAD

Clinical Trial Recruiting Just got Smarter

Now, sponsors and CROs can easily configure a participant-facing website to meet enrollment and onboarding goals — all within THREAD.

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