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Connected Data Collection

Wearable Medical Devices Connecting Everything

A simple experience, so you can connect more sensors, wearables, medical devices, and health apps than anywhere else.

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Sensor/Device Use

Participants will rely on the instructions and mobile reminders to properly use the device each day. The process for the participant is simple, prepare, wear, and receive passive data as a daily study requirement.

Sensor/Device Selection

Study and platform admins can add pre-connected medical devices, wearables, and health apps to your study to support provisioned device and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) data donation models.

Pre-Built Integrations

In just a few clicks, more than 300 pre-built integrations with medical devices, wearables, and health apps are ready to connect to your study today.

Data Donation Option

Options are available for the participant to remotely donate data from their own consumer wearables to your study for continuous, big data insight generation.

Multiple Engagement Models

From eDROs to a consumer wearable marketplace to Apple iOS Health apps, you’re able to easily integrate sensors and align with your study needs.

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