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Simplify Research from Consent to Closeout

Engage Efficiently

To minimize non-compliance and address potential retention risks, the implementation of automated and on-demand technology is crucial. By providing support to both patients and sites through these advanced technologies, organizations can streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and optimize adherence throughout the study lifecycle.

Our solution not only delivers a means for to maximize compliance but also mitigates risks associated with participant retention.

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Co-create a Recruitment and Retention Strategy with Patients

Insights to enable better strategies for:

  • Recruitment: Explore why patients would want to enroll in your study and validate recruitment assets to optimize enrollment
  • Enrollment and Consent: Confirm insights on the best consent approaches
  • Retention: Discover ways to engage patients, better support them, and reduce their study burden
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Streamline your eConsent approach with options to support sites

  • Configurable signing process supporting various roles, inputs and settings specific to your study
  • Compliant solution that adheres to global regulatory and local ethics committees’ feedback
  • Flexible to allow site-specific consents to be conducted via the digital process or capture an uploaded consent via a manual process for tracking
  • Ability to conduct eConsent via multiple devices and from everywhere
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Automated, On-demand Patient Engagement

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Daily view of study tasks with automated callout features for upcoming visits


Display an overview of study progress and activity completion to support compliance


Provide educational content to provide just-in-time and ongoing learning

Telehealth provides a seamless experience and solution for sites

  • Initiate a telehealth virtual visit on-demand or scheduled in the same screen
  • Include multiple site and care team members in the call
  • Video options available to screenshare by the site or patient
  • Scheduling can support other forms of visitations including in-clinic, phone calls, and home visits
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