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Collaborations to Evolve Research

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THREAD has developed expanded capabilities through partnerships with industry leaders to provide more comprehensive services for sponsors and CROs. THREAD enables turnkey support through simplified contracting, operational delivery inclusive of partners, and pre-defined technical integrations where needed.

Discover Our Strategic Partnerships and Innovative Solutions to Enable Modern Research Needs

THREAD’s platform enables decentralized and eCOA research solutions through the benefits of a configurable omnichannel experience built on Amazon’s reliable infrastructure.

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Augment and support a traditional site model with the full features of UBC research services and remote data collection using technology powered by THREAD.

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We Work to Create Relationships With Industry Leading Companies to Enable Offerings That Simplify Your Clinical Research Program

Digital Recruitment

Supplementary recruitment for hybrid DCTs or sole recruitment for fully decentralized trials.

Patient Concierge & Call Center

Help participants simply and effectively navigate the clinical trial process with travel bookings, reimbursement, and access to live support.

DCT-Ready Research Sites

Select sites for your clinical trial from THREAD’s pre-trained DCT-enabled research site network.

Randomization & Trial Supply

IRT technologies integrated with THREAD’s Platform to simplify operational workflows with downstream Trial Supply Management.

Home Health

Protocol assessments conducted in the home or in mobile research sites by trained professionals.

Sensor & Device

Collect data in the home through a sensor or device with data passing through THREAD’s Platform for a more seamless user experience.

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As a pioneer in advancing remote research and decentralized clinical trial methods, THREAD’s success is proof that the solutions of tomorrow are sparked by collaborations with market-leading companies today.

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