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Flexible Access to Participants

THREAD virtual visits are designed from direct user feedback, with simplicity and individuality of primary importance:

  • Your site teams see the participants, their profiles, and other custom features
  • Your participants see a streamlined interface so they can focus on the telehealth component
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Virtual Visits With THREAD

Sponsors and CROs can remotely and securely capture data from participants and sites during, in between, and in lieu of in-clinic visits.

Seamless Experience With Built-In Capabilities to Conduct and Participate Without Leaving the Portal or Study App

THREAD allows you to capture data from multiple study activities in real time during your virtual visits, giving you an optimized experience for recording validated assessments from sites, home health organizations, and clinical trial participants.

Virtual visit laptop view

Site teams log into the portal from any device with an internet browser and click to start a telehealth virtual visit.

Virtual visit mobile view

The patient receives a notification on their device and accepts the call with one click to start the virtual visit.

Virtual visit combo view

Site teams can complete forms and ask patients to complete activities on the app during the virtual visit.

Simplify Site Investigator Workflows

Ensure your site PIs and staff are capturing all the relevant data with ease.

  • Observe participants in real-time
  • Instruct them to complete assessments
  • Record their observations directly into a case report form (CRF), eSource form, and/or Clinician Reported Outcome (eCOA / ClinRO)

Can your trial rely solely on virtual visits?

THREAD experts can support you in identifying which in-clinic visits are best to replace with virtual visits – while minimizing the need for organizational change. Virtual visits can be added to active or upcoming studies.

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