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Capture Data With Flexibility

Streamlining DCT Data Capture

Simplify your site data capture onsite, remotely, or during telehealth virtual visits with THREAD.

Simple Experience

Easy-to-use dashboards include alert flags, notifications, plus sorting and filtering capabilities which enable rapid data completion and data management.

Data Focused + User Focused

Enable site and study team members, with a variety of roles, to review, query, verify, approve, and sign-off on eSource and electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs) to produce quality data. All data is instantly available in THREAD’s data export tool.

Infinitely Configurable

Build complex Electronic Data Capture (EDC) forms for use during in-clinic or virtual visits. THREAD data capture forms include all the standard form fields, smart notifications, and data checks required for most protocols.

Compliant Audit Trail

THREAD audit trails make data tracking efficient and are Electronic Records/Electronic Signatures (ERES) compliant. View change history, including previous and new values, see who performed edits, the time and date stamp, and reasons for the change. Export this data with THREAD’s data export tool.

Flexible Scheduling

Assign forms to visits and milestones or create unscheduled packets to allow for maximum scheduling flexibility.

Device Agnostic

THREAD is easily accessible through any web browser and choose from a variety of devices to contribute data and conduct study activities with site team members and participants.

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