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Fully Configurable SSO for a Single Login Experience

Enable a Single Login with Your Organization’s Identity Provider

Administrators have enhanced control over authentication to their THREAD environment, with the ability to configure, enable/disable, and manage identity providers, as well as add or remove groups, all without the challenges of custom code or APIs.

This feature harnesses the capabilities of various leading SAML 2.0 identity provider applications, streamlining the management of user authentication and ensures a smooth and consistent login experience across multiple applications.

Examples of the Top Identity Providers that We Support

Azure Active Directory
Ping Identity

Providing Security and Efficiencies at Scale

Reduces Burden

Platform users and study admins can use their existing login, eliminating the need for additional credentials

Enhanced Flexibility

Seamlessly integrate multiple identity providers (IdP) tailored to your organization’s needs

Efficient User Management

Easily manage SSO access for study and sponsor users

Simplified Registration

Users with SSO enabled no longer require a separate password, simplifying the login and onboarding process

Streamlined Password Management

We connect to your organization’s IdP to streamline management to a single password

Enhanced Security

Increased security via access to user management and audit logs

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