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eCOA without Compromise

eCOA Delivered for Today’s Trials

Do not compromise on usability and ease of use for patients and sites. By approaching eCOA solutions with scientific expertise and a no-code configurable platform, sponsors and CROs are able to effectively design studies for everyone, everywhere.

Focusing on the patient in developing endpoint strategies and study designs, centers the experience around their needs and mitigates the risks in quality data collection.

Experience in Delivering Best-in-Class eCOA

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Challenge the Industry to Advance with Next Generation Technology

Configurable Instrument Library for Rapid Deployment

Scientific Consulting Strategies to Create, Modify, Select, and Analyze Using insights from understanding the patient, endpoints can be configured and tested for confidence in viability.

  • Comprehensive eCOA Library
  • Our 545+ eCOA within the THREAD Library are pre-vetted, tested, and streamlined for licensing procurement
  • Customize eCOA with a visual no-code editor
  • Select and schedule any eCOA as needed for your study
THREAD platform eCOA library

Delivered on an Industry Leading Platform Built to Scale


  • Measure what matters with PCOR
  • Capture Voice of the Patient, increase diversity in trials & optimize design
  • Principles focused on Endpoint outcomes & optimized usability


  • Operational design built around holistic patient journey for all studies
  • World class professional services SMEs with deep industry experience
  • Global instrument library validated instruments


  • Omni-channel experience to keep sites and patients informed and engaged
  • Ability to host data in regions to comply with global regulations
  • Compliance engine to drive study health
    • Measure - Study Health Dashboards & KPIs
    • Respond - Direct to Patient notifications
    • Adapt - Modern practices that eliminate waste & optimize value of no code

Proven Scientific Expertise to Define and Develop Effective Endpoints

Combining our scientific expertise with our comprehensive research platform provides best-in-class eCOA solutions that are fit-for-purpose.

We start with understanding and defining endpoint strategies which are delivered with proven technology, we facilitate studies that focus on patients to provide outcomes that matter most to them.

Understanding the Patient

Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) boost recruitment, engagement, and optimize research efficiencies. These virtual studies are a safe and comprehensive solution to moving novel, potentially life-saving drug therapies through the clinical trial process. This type of study design provides more diversity in research outcomes, drawing data from larger geography sets, and allows you to collect more continuous data.

Demystifying the Patient Experience

Voice of the Patient (VoP) is more than words. Our proven process engages with stakeholders to help shape eCOA experiences that address patient needs and reduce the risks in acquiring quality data.

inVibe Voice of the Patient platform

Reaching Everyone, Everywhere

Compliant and Secure — THREAD has the power to scale their studies however they like, enabling both full and hybrid DCTs models effectively.

  • Flexibility to offer a broader range of activities — scheduled, unscheduled, or on-demand
  • Simple, accessible data monitoring, all in one place
  • Offline data capture ensures protocol compliance regardless of connectivity interruptions
  • Omni-Channel Experience for Effective eCOA Deployment and Engagement
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Omni-Channel Experience for Effective eCOA Deployment and Engagement

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