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Patient-First Clinical Research at Enterprise Scale with THREAD and AWS

Providing Simplicity in Clinical Research Procurement

THREAD and AWS are collaborating to advance patient-first research at an enterprise level. Combining THREAD’s omni-channel decentralized research platform with AWS’s cloud scale capabilities will significantly increase efficiencies, especially for providers operating under the same frameworks. This continued partnership investment will allow THREAD and AWS to drive innovation in providing the next-generation of research, and all these benefits are now available to shared customers via the AWS Marketplace.

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An Innovative Offering for Our Customers that Delivers Value

Expanded Capability

THREAD and AWS are expanding their current collaboration to bring a dedicated integrations offering to shared life science customers

New Purchasing Mechanism

THREAD is now available for purchase through the AWS Marketplace

Cost Savings

By purchasing THREAD via AWS Marketplace, shared Life Science customers get credit against their AWS EDPs to unlock additional discounts


THREAD has passed AWS’s rigorous Foundational Technical Review (FTR), to ensure compliance with cloud security best practices

Certification of Reliability

THREAD is certified as an AWS independent software vendor (ISV) Accelerate Partner


Seamlessly integrate into your technology stack to grow and scale large study portfolios effectively via the AWS cloud infrastructure

Amazon Web Services selects THREAD to join AWS marketplace to expand customer solutions

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Reliable Infrastructure to Streamline Integrations and Advance Study Insights

Infrastructure to Effectively Scale with Global Accessibility

Modernizing clinical research through technology means moving research to the cloud. AWS provides the foundational infrastructure for THREAD to grow and expand to effectively scale across large global study portfolios, extending the transformative benefits of decentralization. Cloud services support global clinical studies while maintaining compliance with regional and local security and data hosting requirements.

Open API and Configurable Integration Framework

Clinical studies are highly complex, and even with THREAD providing a single interface for research sites and patients to contribute research data, many other clinical technologies are often required to orchestrate a successful study. To simplify the technology experience for research sponsors, research site staff and patients, THREAD and AWS ProServe built out THREAD’s Open and Configurable API infrastructure which allows for simple, turnkey data exchange with clinical technologies outside of THREAD’s Platform.

Data Lake and Analytics

Data acquisition, aggregation and normalization is critical to any clinical study and the clinical data file is the ultimate output for all THREAD studies. THREAD and AWS ProServe worked together to build out THREAD’s data lake, which serves as the data repository for all clinical data that enters the platform. The data lake provides a foundation for the presentation of clinical data back to THREAD’s customers through exports, APIs and analytics.

Case Study

The sponsor approached THREAD looking for a decentralized clinical trial technology partner that could support global studies and help them rapidly scale multiple clinical study portfolios through a self-service and fully configurable study build approach.

The Solution

THREAD’s Platform provided a mobile and web solution for all participants to engage with their study in their native language. And THREAD’s telehealth and electronic clinical outcomes assessments (eCOA) allow study participants to conduct study visits virtually.

The Result

As a result of THREAD’s enablement program, Team members could directly build, launch, and manage clinical studies on THREAD’s platform in North America, Europe and Asia. This has enabled efficient scalability to currently more than twenty clinical studies across three different therapeutic areas under an enterprise agreement.

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