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THREAD and Amazon Web Services Modernize Clinical Research with Launch of Cloud-based, AI-driven Decentralized Clinical Trials Technology

Next-generation THREAD platform, fueled by advanced automation and machine learning capabilities, delivers more efficient, comprehensive, and inclusive clinical studies at global scale

CARY, N.C. (March 29, 2022)THREAD®, the leading technology and consulting service provider enabling electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) and decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), announced today that it is collaborating with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to launch enhancements to the THREAD platform powered by enterprise-scale automation and built-in AI-driven technologies. These next-generation DCT technology features will serve as the backbone for modern clinical research by enabling faster, more efficient clinical trials while improving access for research participants with higher quality data capture across the life cycle of a study.

THREAD is working with AWS Professional Services experts to design an advanced machine learning architecture and industry-leading AI models to automate processes for customers. THREAD’s new cloud-enabled platform features will accelerate clinical research by reducing inefficiencies in real-time data capture, auto-populating data workflows that are completed manually today and more.

“Our technology innovations are revolutionizing today’s clinical research by helping our customers to design, operate and scale modern clinical trial approaches,” said John Reites, CEO, THREAD. “In collaboration with Amazon Web Services, we are further scaling our DCT platform with next-level automation, AI/ML offerings, and optimized features focused to meet the evolving needs of our customers, research sites, and participants.

“With AWS powering its technology platform, THREAD can deliver timely, relevant data that help researchers design more efficient clinical trials, in turn advancing precision medicine,” said Dan Sheeran, general manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “The breadth and depth of AWS’s machine learning and cloud capabilities will help support THREAD teams as they work to automate processes, reduce inefficiencies, and monitor and support clinical trials. We’re proud to work with THREAD and lend our deep domain expertise to assist in developing a platform that has the potential to reduce the time it takes to bring innovative medicines to patients globally.”

The newly incorporated automation into THREAD’s DCT platform will:

  • Accelerate the ability to offer and initiate co-created and configured trials by reducing the start-up time to onboard customers by up to 30%.
  • Enable customers to eliminate inefficiencies by over 30% and achieve up to 25% cost savings when pre-completing data, significantly reducing data capture and removing source data verification (SDV).
  • Provide a more comprehensive view of participant data across the entirety of the study with enhanced security, AI support, and operational controls.
  • Allow customers to more precisely monitor and support study success by providing richer data in real time, including real-time grades on study performance.

“By combining THREAD’s advanced DCT platform with the security, scale, and agility of AWS’s cloud and machine learning technology expertise, we are empowering our customers to automate data capture and storage and at the same time providing predictive forecasts to better run studies and decrease the time it takes to conduct research.” said Scott Pearson, chief product officer, THREAD. “This is the future of modern clinical research.”


THREAD® is the industry-leading decentralized clinical trials technology and consulting service provider, helping biopharma and CROs decentralize clinical research and enable electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) for sites, participants, caregivers, and home health professionals. Through its end-to-end unified platform, THREAD is making studies 30 percent more efficient and five times more inclusive and diverse. Backed by health care investors Water Street Healthcare Partners and JLL Partners, THREAD is recognized as a leader by Everest Group’s Decentralized Clinical Trial Product PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021, Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 Customer Value Leadership Award as well as a long list of accolades. Visit THREADresearch.com to learn more.

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Jennifer Cosenza

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