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THREAD and Trialbee Partner to Enhance Global Decentralized Clinical Trial Inclusivity and Recruitment Outcomes

Innovative collaboration streamlines global recruitment processes and maximizes opportunities for DCT inclusivity for trial participants.

CARY and MALMÖ, Sweden – May 4: THREAD,a technology and service provider enabling decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), today announced a partnership with patient matching and enrollment platform Trialbee to streamline patient recruitment for sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) on a global scale. This solution reduces major pain points for traditional trials, where enrollment barriers such as participants’ geographic location or lack of notifications for potential trials result in poor recruitment outcomes and trial delays.

The partnership combines THREAD’s top-tier DCT technology solution for remotely capturing data from trial participants with Trialbee’s leading platform for patient matching and enrollment in clinical trials, including those with rare conditions. Research organizations interested in experiencing this solution can request a simulation here.

Finding qualified participants for clinical trials is costly and time consuming for sponsors, potentially involving months of screening followed by interviews and enrollment procedures. THREAD customers can now reduce this burden and increase their enrollment success rate through Trialbee’s automated study-participant vetting process. Trialbee’s recruitment method and international digital footprint also provide enhanced access to subjects with rare conditions.

THREAD’s platform, supported by Trialbee’s recruitment solution, offers biopharma, CROs and life science organizations a fully integrated solution to optimize DCTs, saving time and costs for investigators and participants while increasing study efficiency and improving outcomes.

“Enabling global recruitment for decentralized clinical trials is critical for the industry, especially as more of our customers seek to scale global DCTs,” said John Reites, CEO of THREAD. “Trialbee’s analytics and modeling are proven to match, engage and enroll the most relevant patients to trials. We are thrilled to partner with them and take DCT recruitment to the next level.”

Participants are targeted for outreach based on a real-world, data-driven model. After completing the online prequalification process, participants receive virtual or phone-based nurse qualification interviews through a clinical call center before the information is sent to THREAD’s platform, where site staff make final assessments.

“This partnership between THREAD and Trialbee solves a crucial – and often difficult – piece of the DCT puzzle,” said Matt Walz, CEO of Trialbee. “As more clinical trials are decentralized, it’s important to make the patient matching and enrollment process streamlined and data-driven to ensure a successful study.”


THREAD is a leading provider of a proprietary, decentralized research platform and suite of supporting services used by biopharma, CROs and life science organizations to remotely capture data from participants and sites during, in-between and in lieu of in-clinic visits. THREAD's platform and supporting services are helping customers to shorten study launch timelines, reduce study budgets with Virtual Visits, and bring studies from the clinic to patients' homes. THREAD provides key platform features such as eConsent, eCOA/ePRO, sensors, reminders, and telehealth Virtual Visits to support remote data capture, hybrid virtual studies, and fully decentralized studies in key therapeutic areas. In 2019, THREAD was acquired by strategic health care investors Water Street Healthcare Partners and JLL Partners. Visit www.THREADresearch.com to learn more.

About Trialbee

Trialbee is the leading global data and technology platform for patient matching and enrollment in clinical trials. Trialbee Hive™ operationalizes real world data (RWD) and applies data science to match patients globally. Our Candidate Manager platform simplifies the journey for matched patients to qualify and participate in clinical research. Partnering with Sponsors, CROs and virtual/decentralized sites and software providers, Trialbee is achieving patient enrollment goals and driving enhancements in diversity in clinical trial populations. We are the smartest way to match and enroll patients for your clinical trial. For more information, visit https://www.trialbee.com or contact us at solutions@trialbee.com.