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THREAD Launches New Offering to Support Global DCT Adoption

New consulting service enables a repeatable, scalable pathway for migrating future studies to global decentralized research approach

CARY, N.C. (September 8, 2021) – THREAD, a leading technology and service provider enabling decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), today announced the launch of a new service offering, THREAD Adopt. This new consultative service provides the tools, team and expertise to enable research sponsors to evaluate their study pipelines and configure a DCT model for adoption at scale.

As decentralized clinical trials continue to become the new standard operational model, scaled implementation is more critical than ever. THREAD Adopt is at the forefront of supporting customers in driving change management focused on DCT processes and tools. Adopt is not a video training course; it’s a tailored process helping customers move from their first study to their 100th and beyond, with global scale by providing:

  • repeatable processes, tools, and templates
  • scalable education
  • action plans to increase participant inclusivity
  • clear steps to increase workflow and cost efficiency at the next level of scale
  • key performance indicators (KPIs)

In one program of work, a THREAD customer leveraging the Adopt approach achieved a 90+ % participant retention rate in their DCTs and a 25% cost savings vs. a similar fully site-based study budget.

“THREAD Adopt guides and empowers customers to analyze their pipeline, with a view to match decentralized solutions and services to the specific needs of their trials,” said Dr. Christopher Watson, director of consulting at THREAD. “By providing the tools to systemize the study configuration process, the sponsor now benefits from a repeatable, scalable pathway for decentralizing all future studies while also building a foundational standard for how they will conduct trials moving forward.”

“Customers want a partner and a global DCT offering driven by human expertise as they look to scale their decentralized research approaches across their study portfolios,” said THREAD CEO, John Reites. “We are proud and ready to help our customers as they drive change management globally toward DCT adoption.”

For more information on THREAD Adopt or to request a simulation, please click here.


THREAD is a leading provider of a proprietary, decentralized research platform and suite of supporting services used by biopharma, CROs, and life science organizations to remotely capture data from participants and sites during, in between, and in lieu of in-clinic visits. THREAD's platform and supporting services are helping customers to shorten study launch timelines, reduce study budgets with Virtual Visits, and bring studies from the clinic to patients' homes. THREAD provides key platform features such as eConsent, eCOA/ePRO, sensors, reminders, and telehealth virtual visits to support remote data capture, hybrid virtual studies, and fully decentralized studies in key therapeutic areas. In 2019, THREAD was acquired by strategic health care investors Water Street Healthcare Partners and JLL Partners. Visit www.THREADresearch.com to learn more.

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