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THREAD Launches New Telehealth Features Expanding Video and Audio Capture for Complex eCOA during Virtual Visits in Decentralized Clinical Trials

THREAD adds a globally compliant and fully configurable update to its telehealth virtual visit feature to securely record and review visits

CARY, N.C. – March 18, 2021THREAD,a technology and service provider enabling decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), today announced the launch of new telehealth features. Building on four years of conducting electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) during telehealth virtual visits, the new features raise the bar in DCT telehealth functionality by adding several unique enhancements to the company’s industry-leading eCOA and telehealth virtual visit solution. New features allow clinical study stakeholders – including sponsors, caregivers, home health professionals and raters – to remotely and safely capture video and/or audio recordings in real time. This solution supports multiple attendees during a virtual visit and provides a globally compliant solution for participants and sites.

As decentralized clinical trial approaches continue to scale and be adopted, sponsors and study sites require specialized eCOA features within their telehealth virtual visit solution. These new features enable remote capture of movement evaluations, voice assessments, and more with complete workflows to support review, scoring and remote rater solutions. Both the site team and participant can control the recordings within their study interfaces, putting the power in the hands of those closest to the trial.

With the launch of these new features, THREAD customers now can:

  • Engage participants in conducting new, complex eCOA with multiple attendees in one easy-to-use view
  • Offer a transparent and instant process for participant opt-in to capture audio and/or video in real time to support continuous consent
  • Securely record all or specific parts of a telehealth virtual visit with eCOA completion for remote rater and scoring solutions
  • Utilize unique telehealth features to capture specific video and voice activities to support study endpoints
  • Access recordings instantly and securely with global compliance

“Our most recent telehealth virtual visit enhancements enable more innovative video and audio data collection supporting a new, technology-driven model for site teams and study participants,” said John Reites, CEO of THREAD. “Whether the participant is in the clinic or at home, we are enabling sites and sponsors to conduct a broader range of complex eCOA, video and audio capture in one platform.”

Sponsors considering a decentralized trial approach or who want to learn more about these new features can contact THREAD for a simulation.


THREAD is a leading provider of a proprietary, decentralized research platform and suite of supporting services used by biopharma, CROs and life science organizations to remotely capture data from participants and sites during, in-between and in lieu of in-clinic visits. THREAD's platform and supporting services are helping customers to shorten study launch timelines, reduce study budgets with virtual visits, and bring studies from the clinic to patients' homes. THREAD provides key platform features such as eConsent, eCOA / ePRO, sensors, reminders, and telehealth virtual visits to support remote data capture, hybrid virtual studies, and fully decentralized studies in key therapeutic areas. In 2019, THREAD was acquired by strategic health care investors Water Street Healthcare Partners and JLL Partners. Visit www.THREADresearch.com to learn more.


Media Contact:

Terri Pollock

Amendola Communications (for THREAD)